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Every Athlete

Client: Every Athlete - @everyathlete.ea
Director of Photography: Guillaume Cornet - @guillaumecornetfilms
AC/2nd Camera Op: Nelson Ferreira - @nelfelife

Photography: Devon Cooper -
BTS Video: Rodrigo Ximenes - @friction_free
Location: Crossfit Currumbin
Producer: Karl Lohde - @Lohdey

Behind The Scenes

At Bluu Media House, we understand the importance of bringing a client's vision to life. For this Every Athlete video, our production team went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the shoot was executed to the highest standards.

First, we scouted several different CrossFit gyms to find the perfect location for the shoot. We wanted a space that was both visually interesting and functional for the athletes, and we finally settled on a gym that had a great mix of open space and unique architectural elements.

Next, we worked with the Every Athlete team to plan out the shoot and create a shot list. We knew that we wanted to use anamorphic lenses to capture the wide aspect ratio of the gym, so we made sure to have a set of Atlas Orion Anamorphic on hand for the shoot. These would be rigged on our RED V-Raptor. We also planned out the lighting setup in advance, so we knew exactly how we were going to light the space for the nighttime shoot.

On the day of the shoot, our team arrived early to set up and prepare the space. We turned off all the lights and created our own light sources from scratch to create the desired mood and atmosphere. Our camera crew worked closely with the athletes to capture dynamic and intense footage of them working out, while our lighting team made sure that every shot was properly lit.

After the shoot, our post-production team worked to edit the footage and add any necessary visual effects or color grading. We also worked with the Every Athlete team to add any additional elements such as sound design and music.

Overall, the shoot was a great success, and we are incredibly proud of the final product. Our team's hard work and attention to detail paid off, and we're thrilled to have helped bring Every Athlete's vision to life.

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