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Cam Adamson

CEO of Smart Metal Roofing

From 0 content strategy to posting every single day on all social media platforms. 6-months investment paid off in less than 3 months. 

Ben Harris & Mary-Ann Strellow

FleetCrew CEO & Co-Founder

Brand Story Video + Short Form Content + Still Photography

Tristan Rowland

Owner Stone Aspley - Team Rowland

Luxury Property Videos + Short Form Content + Internal Content

Sav Pushparaja

CEO @ Tango

Social Media Ads

Tim Fanous

Alkalined Founder & CEO

Brand Story Video + Short Form Content

Nicole Howarth

Power Supps Tweed Heads Owner

Short Form Content

Sam Jockel

We produced 1,000+ educational videos from 5min to 15min long for their online platform. The first 100 were produced and live from scratch within a month.

Parent TV Founder & CEO

Freya Frenzel

The Pink Hotel Manager

Short Form Content

Karl Lohde

Every Athlete Founder & CEO

Brand Story Video + Website Spot + Short Form Content

Ready to level up your content marketing?

Schedule some time to chat about how we can leverage what they have learned generating millions in revenue from creating high performing content for your business.

Testimonial from Plungie, praising Bluu Media House for outstanding video marketing strategy.
Email excerpt from Emily Chang, Creative Lead at Artisan Coffee, expressing gratitude for Bluu Media House’s impactful brand storytelling.
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LinkedIn testimonial by John Doe, Marketing Director at Tech Innovate, commending Bluu Media House for exceptional social media campaign results.
Facebook review from Adventure Gear Co. highlighting Bluu Media House's excellence in digital content production and timely delivery.
Tweet from Bright Startups appreciating Bluu Media House's creative direction in their latest startup branding project
Excerpt from ‘Digital Trends’ blog post mentioning Bluu Media House for their innovative approach in multimedia content creation.
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